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Further employment grew first of all in so-called modern sectors of the industry, such as transport mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric equipment, that is there where the stream of foreign investments went.

The arising tension — and its source can become practically anything (in our case - a situation in the market work — or destroy this system, or, thanks to operation of mechanisms of social control and self-regulation of system, adapts it for influence of new factors.

The market, as it is known according to Adam Smith, is eternal therefore the qualified labor was always object of supply and demand; sometimes the general offer in labor market was higher, sometimes - below. In one case the phenomenon was accompanied usually by "crisis" terms, "unemployment", "decline", in other - "rise", "rapid development". Formation, development and decline of any branch were followed, respectively, by formation, development and decline of branch labor market.

Ekonomicheki the active population (labor) - the part of the population providing the offer of labor for production of goods and services. Part of economically active population, including occupied in economy and the unemployed.

Unfortunately, Goskomstat does not conduct statistics on labor productivity, but it is obvious that at such decline in production and so high employment it is terribly low. The comparative characteristic of one of the best Kuzbass mines "Raspadskaya" and the foreign coal-mining companies can be an example of it.

Thus, social tension - is some tendency or the pressure causing emergence of an imbalance in the relations between structural elements of social system. In case of big tension control mechanisms of social system can not cope with a problem of maintenance of the developed balance of the relations that leads to destruction of structure.

Essence of the mechanism of normal labor market in providing an overflow of free labor there where need it more. High mobility of labor – the phenomenon not negative as the most part of the unemployed in other countries are the people occupied with search of more favorable workplaces. But conditions to make labor mobile, at us are absent. Besides at the state which is strongly spent for debts on salaries on lifting does not remain money.