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Stabilization of economy and activization of investment climate requires acceptance of a number of the cardinal measures directed on formation in the country as the general conditions of development of the civilized market relations, and specific, relating directly to the solution of a problem of attraction of investments.

The volume of savings in the country directly influences the volume of investment in the country. It was already noted that investments represent expenses on acquisition of the equipment, buildings and housing which in the future will be expressed in rise in productive power of all economy. When society preserves part of the current income, it means that the part of production can be directed not on consumption, and on investments.

However savings are carried out by also various groups of the population: individuals and families. The person can have intention to preserve owing to very various reasons: as he wishes to provide himself on an old age of years or to save up some sum for future expenses (carrying out holiday or acquisition of the car). He can feel unreliability of the situation and seek to provide itself(himself) for rainy day. It can be guided by desire to leave some state to the children or grandsons. He can be the 80-year-old miser who has no successors and carries out accumulation from passion to money as to that. What there were motives by which individuals are guided, carrying out savings, often they are a little connected with investment opportunities. It occurs because in our daily language the word "investment" not always has the same significance what is attached to it in economic discussions. We call "pure investment", or capital formation, that represents a pure gain of the real capital of society (buildings, the equipment, material and production stocks, etc.). The inhabitant speaks about "investment" when he buys a ground, securities which are in circulation or any other title of property. For economists it is purely transfer operations. That invests one, someone dezinvestirut another. Pure investment takes place only when the new real capital is created.

- consecutive decentralization of investment process by development of diverse forms of ownership, increase of a role of internal (own) sources of accumulation of the enterprises for financing of their investment projects;

Therefore our state is faced by difficult and rather delicate task: to attract the foreign capital to the country, and, without depriving of it own incentives, to direct it measures of economic regulation on achievement of the public purposes.